Popup showing a high number of participants with low budgets

Do you want to grow your event? Of course you do.

Here are 11 REAL ways to grow your event without a lot of cash.

Step 1: Share a promo code with previous year’s participants, local gyms, churches, and run groups

Step 2: Turn Referral Technology on and transform your participants, sponsors, and charity partners into promoters

Step 3: Get busy on social media channels DAILY!

  • Contests
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • Hashtags
  • Ask local celebrities for a retweet

Step 4: Try a round of Facebook ads

Step 5: Provide incentives for registering early

  • Personalized Bibs
  • Tech Shirts
  • Tiered Pricing

Step 6: Distribute flyers and posters to local hangouts

Step 7: Wrap a car or 5!

Step 8: Ask to be featured in local newsletters

Step 9: Set up water stations along local running paths Sunday morning

Step 10: Ask your participants if they will put a sign on their front lawn

Step 11: Ask local event directors if you can put a flyer WITH a promo code in his or her goodie bag, then return the favor!

Never discount traditional media…if and when you have the funds!

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Billboards
  • Buses

Always remember to ask ‘How Did Your Hear About Our Event?’ on your registration page.


Brandon Laan

Brandon is a dad, runner, race director and endurance industry specialist. He spends the majority of his time coaching the sales team at Race Roster while co-directing The Rock The Road 10K. He spent his undergraduate days at Western University before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He recently pushed his twin girls, Emma and Sydney to a 1:14 half marathon and is a former winner of The GoodLife Toronto Marathon and Silver Medalist at The Canadian Marathon Championships.