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We recently introduced two new updates to your bib management tools, making it easier to accomplish specific goals. You can now add up to two bib number ranges and exclude particular sub-events from being assigned a bib!

New ability to add two bib ranges

With Race Roster, you have the option to set a validation parameter on bib assignments by setting a maximum and minimum bib number. This can be used for both manual and automatic bib assignments!

We’ve recently introduced the ability to set up to two bib ranges, allowing you to set a maximum and minimum bib number for two different ranges within a single sub-event. In our next bib assignment update, you will be able to add more than two ranges. Stay tuned!

Why this is useful

Bib ranges may not always be continuous, especially if you are piecing together leftover chip numbers from previous events. This comes in handy because you may not have a range of numbers large enough to serve all participants in a single sub-event!

Note: If automatic bib assignment is enabled, bibs will be assigned based on the order the ranges appear, not based on the lowest numerical bib.

New ability to EXCLUDE sub-events from bib assignment

Not all sub-events require bibs! You may have one or two sub-events that will not be chip timed, such as children’s races, and assigning bibs to these participants is not necessary. You can simply exclude particular sub-events from automatic bib assignment or bib validation logic. Now check-in for participants without a bib will be quick and easy!

Note: If bib assignment is disabled for a specific sub-event, you will not be asked for a bib number upon check in, upload, or participant edit. Bibs will also not be assigned if automatic assignment is enabled.

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