Instagram has proven itself to be an effective social media platform for brands and events to engage with audiences the way they want to be engaged: with visuals and short messages. Here are 4 reasons your event should jump on the Instagram bandwagon.

Humanize Your Event

Have a healthy balance of business images and fun/personal images (that are still event-centric). Introduce your followers to the talented people that are working so hard to put this event on, and give them a general idea of what goes on in the office day-to-day. This engagement is very relatable and informal, but not to a fault.

Reach New Potential Participants and Sponsors

Just like Twitter, Instagram makes use of the incredibly effective “hashtag” that categorizes and promotes your content. Simply using  #running #marathon or even an original hashtag created for your event will do wonders to market your event. Following local businesses in the community, and engaging with their content will implicitly advertise your event as well.

Reward Followers with Promo Codes

The more Instagram followers your event has, the more attention your event will receive, but you’re ultimately looking for participants. Reward your followers for looking at your pictures and reading the captions by offering promo codes that can allow them to register at a discounted price. Find creative ways to share these and watch your race grow, and Instagram impressions soar.

Engage with Participants

On race day, take photos along the course and feature some of your happy participants to share what all your hard work and dedication has accomplished. This is also a great way to entice future runners or sponsors by giving them an idea of what your race is all about. Encourage runners and spectators to use a specific hashtag on their race day photos so you can share them on your account.


Brandon Laan

Brandon is a dad, runner, race director and endurance industry specialist. He spends the majority of his time coaching the sales team at Race Roster while co-directing The Rock The Road 10K. He spent his undergraduate days at Western University before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He recently pushed his twin girls, Emma and Sydney to a 1:14 half marathon and is a former winner of The GoodLife Toronto Marathon and Silver Medalist at The Canadian Marathon Championships.