Are you tired of manually entering participants into your online database?

I will take that as a yes. Check out these 5 Ways to Incentivize People to Register Online.

  1. REGISTER ONLINE call to action on the paper form
  2. Coupon on the back of the paper form they can redeem at the expo
  3. Online registration party (think tablets in your local mall)
  4. Donate 10 cents for every online registration
  5. Make the paper form with paper that can be planted in the ground and grow a tree

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Chantelle Wilder

Chantelle has worked with thousands of event organizers across North America with the goal of helping them create better participant experiences. Chantelle returned to Ontario in 2014 after spending 7 years in Hawaii and more recently 4 years in Silicon Valley. Chantelle believes that interdepartmental communication is key to the success of executing any project and the overall efficiency of a business. All her free time is spent playing pirates with her two little gentlemen. Arrr!