As we begin to approach the time of roasted turkey, warm mashed potatoes, and delicious pumpkin pie, everyone is starting to plan out how they are going to spend their Thanksgiving this year. With COVID-19, many people may not be attending their usual gatherings — but there is something everyone can still do together, even if they are apart! 

That’s right, we’re talking about virtual turkey trots. While Thanksgiving may be quickly approaching, it’s not too late to start planning a virtual event! Our virtual event toolkit paired with our extensive suite of event management tools gives you everything you need to seamlessly plan and execute a successful turkey trot this year.

1. Custom branded finisher certificates 

Our customization tools give you the autonomy you need to create a finisher certificate your participants are truly excited to share. You can upload a background image to capture the essence of your turkey trot event branding. Additionally, you can give your sponsors more exposure by adding their logos to your certificates!

Read our previous article for more tips and tricks on creating engaging finisher certificates

2. Participant photo uploads

As we’ve mentioned before, a number of great photos are still being taken during your virtual event, even without an official event photographer! Your participants are snapping selfies in their Thanksgiving-themed gear, taking photos of their friends and family as they run, and sharing them on social media. You can encourage your participants to upload their photos to your event gallery, making it simple for people to sift through event photos in one place! 

Side Tip: We also recommend sharing a social hashtag with your participants to tag their photos on Facebook and Instagram. 

3. Peer-to-peer fundraising

Utilize our peer-to-peer fundraising functionality to help participants engage with their communities. A fundraising page is automatically created for every participant and team, ready for them to set a goal, write their story, inspire their peers to support the causes they care about, and spread the word on social media.

You can also create digital badges to recognize the fundraising efforts of your participants each time they reach a milestone. The design of your badge is up to you, giving you full creative freedom to design something unique and branded to your event. The more stylish the badges are, the more fundraisers will want to earn them!

Additionally, you can enable fundraising leaderboards to display top donors, fundraisers, and teams to encourage a little friendly competition amongst participants.

4. Connection to the ASICS Runkeeper™ app

Use the Runkeeper™ app to provide your participants with an outstanding virtual event experience. Your participants can seamlessly connect their registration to the app, and when it’s time to track their activity, they can easily select your event inside the Runkeeper™ app. Once a participant has completed their activity, their results will automatically be submitted to your event’s leaderboard! The virtual event experience has never been so easy.

Watch a video to see what the experience looks like for participants. 

Alternatively, participants can track their activity using any app or device, and manually submit their results from your custom branded results page.

5. Embedded event playlists

Get your participants moving to “Thanksgiving style” music as they participate in your virtual event. Put together a holiday themed playlist on Apple Music or Spotify and embed the playlist on your event details page! This will make it easy for participants to access and download your playlist!

See tips and tricks for creating event playlists or visit our knowledge base article to learn how to add an Apple Music or Spotify Playlist to your event details page.

6. Registration products & event store

Our products feature is a great tool for selling event merchandise both inside and outside of your registration form. Additionally, you can create discount codes and email campaigns to up-sell products!

7. Email campaign tool

Keep participants up-to-date on important event information by sending custom-branded email campaigns directly to their inbox. You can also leverage campaigns to re-capture the attention of those who abandoned your registration form, up-sell merchandise to participants, highlight sponsors, encourage participants to share their fundraising pages, and more.

8. Speedy and reliable Customer Success team

We’re ready to get your event page built in less than 48 hours and we’d be happy to give you a 30-minute ‘deep-dive’ into best practices and additional features you might find worth activating for your virtual turkey trot.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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