We’ve recently introduced a new feature called “additional charges”, giving you greater flexibility in how you charge your participants on products, registrations, and more.

This allows you to set up custom fees that are applicable for specific scenarios. For example, you could set up a charge that will only apply if a participant spends under a specific amount of money during registration. Specifically, if a registrant spends more than $50.00, you could reward them by waiving the parking fee! This is a great way to say thanks and show your appreciation.

Select how your charge will be applied

With additional charges, you have the autonomy to decide how you would like them to be applied: 

  • Per transaction
  • Per applicable selection
  • Per participant

Apply charge based on subtotal value

An additional charge can also be set to only be applied if the subtotal value falls within a specific range. You can set the value to be between, greater than, or less than a particular minimum and maximum value

For example, this would allow you to charge an additional fee to each participant that spends more than $25.00, but less than $50.00 during registration.

Set subtotal type

You can also select which subtotal type your charge will be applied to. This can be the entire subtotal, product subtotal, or registration subtotal.

Additionally, you can apply the charge on purchases of sub-events, products, and specific product options!

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