As event organizers, sometimes we just don’t have all the answers — but in some cases, our registrants do! On Race Roster, you can allow participants to create their own custom option as an answer to a multiple choice question asked during registration.

Why use this feature?

This feature comes in handy when you can’t predict all of the possible answers to your questions and some answers could be the same for multiple participants. This differs from our feature that allows participants to answer open-ended questions with a custom response. In this case, your question will be in the form of multiple choice, and participants will have the ability to add a new option to the dropdown. Going forward, the option will conveniently be selectable by other participants when they register.

For example, you might want to ask which run club, business, or school a participant is part of. 

New enhancements

We recently made a couple enhancements to this feature:

1 – An easy-to-spot “create option” button

This will allow participants to quickly determine that they are able to add their own custom response.

2 – Duplicate options will be prevented

Participants may try to enter a duplicate response. We have added validation to prevent these responses from being submitted.

Activating this feature increases convenience for both you and your registrants! You won’t have to sift through all the various and duplicate responses to your open ended questions and participants will be able to select the correct response if it already exists, or they will have the power to make their own!

What’s new at Race Roster?

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