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Even though we have now entered the spring season, you may want to “bundle up”!

What is a “bundle”?

A “bundle” is a special grouping of sub-events, allowing people to quickly register for multiple sub-events by filling out the registration form only once!

In this article, we’re covering what our sub-event bundle feature is and why activating bundles might be right for your event. 

Why use bundles?

Limit redundancy

When sub-events are not in a bundle, a participant who wants to register for multiple sub-events will need to fill out a registration form for each sub-event. This means they may end up answering the same questions multiple times and make repeated product selections. You can limit redundancy by grouping sub-events within a bundle, allowing registrants to register for multiple sub–events (e.g., 5K + 10K + Half marathon) in one go. This way, they will only need to answer each question once.

Streamline management of product selections

If you have an event product (e.g., event t-shirt) that is mandatory, bundles allow you to save your participants from making the same selection multiple times (better inventory management) and possibly save the participant money on paid items by only charging them once.

Offer bundle exclusive incentives

You can create special questions, pricing, or products for people who register as part of a bundle. This allows you to include bundle exclusive incentives as a way to entice your participants to register for more than one sub-event! This could be an intriguing product such as limited edition swag, a VIP post-race party ticket, a discounted price, etc.

Bundle exclusive incentives work great for weekend challenges or other combo events. For example,  you could put on a “weekend warrior” challenge where you offer participants bonus merchandise, medals, and more. 

Create virtual training challenge bundles

Using bundles and virtual challenge tools, you can offer exciting opportunities to enhance the training experience!

For example, you could offer a bundle that allows participants to sign up for your distance training challenge and strength training challenge. This is a great way to further engage with your participants prior to event day.

Bundles keep bib assignments easy for timers

Even though multiple sub-events are registered for in one go, bundles will maintain separate records for each sub-event registration, making it easy for timers to assign bibs!

For example, if Casey Smith registers the 5K, 10K, and marathon bundle, the timer will still have separate records of Casey Smith — one for the 5K, and one for the 10K, one for the marathon, as well as one record for the bundle. This will allow the timer to easily assign Casey three different bib numbers.      

Ready to “bundle up”?

To activate bundles on your event, please reach out to our Customer Success team by email at We look forward to helping you get set up!

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