As we welcome this new year, we also welcome new opportunities. That might mean welcoming new ways to grow our events, increase engagement, and strengthen our brands. Introducing a virtual challenge to your event roadmap might be exactly what you need to drive results this year!

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of ideas you can use for your next virtual challenge.

Create a challenge with an exclusive digital medal

Provide your participants with another great keepsake to add to their digital medal case! Whether your virtual challenge is for training or its own stand-alone event, the efforts of your participants are always worth celebrating. Create an exclusive medal to be awarded upon completing your challenge. Participants are more likely to stay motivated when working towards a fun reward. Plus, a sharable keepsake can mean more exposure for your brand on social media!

Challenge your participants to run across the city, state or province

It is not only fun for participants to say they ran the distance of their city, state or province, it’s also incredibly motivating! Of course, we wouldn’t recommend asking them to do this in one go. That’s the benefit of a challenge! Challenges can last days, weeks, months – even up to one year, allowing participants to track their activities at their own convenience.

Host monthly challenges

Monthly challenges are a great way to increase participant engagement year-round. The consistency of hosting a challenge every month will help integrate your event (and your brand) into the daily lives of your participants. On the other hand, the variety of changing up the challenge each month will help keep participants both motivated and engaged.

Tip: Create a bundle sub-event containing all of your monthly challenges so your participants only need to sign up once.

Put on a training challenge

Working a challenge into your training plan is an effective way to connect with your participants prior to your event. Since challenge progress is publicly displayed on a leaderboard, participants can track and compare their training progress with one another. A little friendly competition among participants can be great motivation for reaching their training goals!

Additional ideas & tips:

  • Create a themed challenge with a creative map (E.g., Have participants cover the shape of a heart for a Valentine’s Day themed challenge)
  • Put on a challenge sponsored by one of your many sponsors at an additional cost
  • Send email campaigns to remind your participants to post their progress

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