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Have you built a DEK of cards yet? Since the initial release of Digital Engagement Kits, we are seeing that they are making a positive impact on the endurance event space. By bringing goodie bag items and event resources to a digital format, organizers are saving time, money, AND trees with this tool.

How Digital Engagement Kits (DEKs) are impacting events so far

So far, Digital Engagement Kits (DEKs) have been an ideal tool to accomplish the following:

  • Add value for sponsors & partners
  • Deliver content in an eco-friendly style
  • Increase engagement with participants
  • Go beyond traditional event kits

“We loved using Race Roster’s new Digital Engagement Kit at the 41st Annual Fair Oaks Sun Run! Instead of printing thousands of postcards and flyers, we shared a digital goodie bag with participants in our post-event email featuring discounts to upcoming events. Many of our race partners saw great results with their digital card, and we were able to save money and reduce waste at the same time!”

– Chris Mason, Capital Road Race Management (CRRM)

What’s new for Digital Engagement Kits?

You now have the power to:

  • Create kits in multiple languages – Digital Engagement Kits are now configured to support multiple languages, allowing for 1 language per kit.

  • Duplicate cards & kits – Want to create another card or Digital Engagement Kit with similar content to an existing one? You can now easily duplicate cards and kits! Simply tap the ellipsis icon on a card or kit and select “duplicate”.

  • Createparticipant only” kits – You can now change the viewing permission on your digital engagement kit from “available to anyone with a link” to “available only to event participants”. This will require viewers to confirm their registration before revealing kit content.

Great use cases for Digital Engagement Kits

While Digital Engagement Kits are thriving as a physical goodie bag alternative and sponsorship value add, the usage opportunities are endless! Let’s explore some of the other ways Digital Engagement Kits can be used.

1. Event day/weekend information kit

Help participants arrive with confidence. Offer them everything they need to come race ready and prepared. This could be with frequently asked questions, maps and information on where to go and what to expect, hotel vouchers for out-of-towners, and more.

Pro Tip:

You can embed a race map from google right into your digital engagement kit. Use google “my maps” to create your map!

See an example in a digital engagement kit.

2. Training kit

Everyone starts with questions. What to wear? What to eat? How often to train? With Digital Engagement Kits, you can make it simple. Offer resources and opportunities to engage with your event, such as:

  • Nutritional recipes & meal plans
  • Daily challenges
  • New gear
  • Guides, tips & tricks for training
  • Music playlists

Pro Tip:

You can also embed a music playlist directly on your card!

See an example in a digital engagement kit.

3. Post-event resource kit

You can use Digital Engagement Kits to keep the event experience going even after the race. Try adding the following cards to your DEK:

  • Photos & videos of the race
  • Where to register next 
  • Post-event contests
  • Post-race survey
  • Awards

Pro Tip:

You can even embed a google form RIGHT ON a digital engagement kit card! Post event surveys, polls, and any other creative use of a google form can be added right into your DEK.

See an example in a digital engagement kit.

4. Collaboration kit (Coming Soon)

Our next release opens up even more possibilities for your DEK. You will be able to invite participants, sponsors, and partners to contribute cards to your Digital Engagement Kit!

Allowing participants to contribute a card

If you allow participants to contribute cards to your DEK, you could encourage participants to share their story! Give them the opportunity to share why they are running your event. If your event supports a fundraising organization, many participants might have a meaningful story behind why the cause is so important to them. Their card could link directly to that participant’s fundraising page to help their campaign and drive more donations.

Inviting sponsors and partners to submit a card

You will be able to grant sponsors and partners edit access and eliminate a few steps in the coordination process, such as asking to have text, images, and links sent over to you! Simply invite your sponsors and partners to contribute a card and once they are finished, you can review and approve the card content. You will also be able to set a contribution start and open date to make sure all content has been submitted in time to send out your DEK.

Stay tuned for the release of these collaboration tools!

Ready to build a Digital Engagement Kit?

Your Digital Engagement Kit is your opportunity to connect and offer valuable content. Start building your Digital Engagement Kit now!

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