Speed is no stranger to the Customer Success team here at Race Roster. We’re not only quick to answer your call, but we’re also likely to be one of the first runners at your finish line. We take pride in our impeccable reply times and our personal bests. On top of that, our Customer Success team has been growing at a fairly rapid rate! 

Our Customer Success team works tirelessly to ensure the events that we’re partnered with are successful and feel supported.” says Jessica Collins, Manager of Customer Success at Race Roster. “This is especially important during the pandemic as in-person events transition to virtual experiences and start to explore new technology. We’ve grown our Customer Success team so that we’re able to provide quick reply times, extensive training on our new virtual offerings, and friendly conversations to our event organizers when they need it the most.

Real people with real experience in the endurance industry.

While many growing companies turn to automated technology in order to scale and keep up with customer requests, we believe that interacting with a real, knowledgeable, and experienced human being is critical to providing reliable support. That’s why we are advancing our Customer Success team to offer you additional support from a more diverse and inclusive team. 

The members of our Customer Success team are event organizers, volunteers, and quite exceptionally speedy participants — all playing essential roles in the event ecosystem. Our team contains members that are fluent in Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and English. Each individual is highly trained to help you achieve your most unattainable goals, solve your greatest challenges, and provide you with the training and resources needed to manage your events with ease. 

Let’s meet a few members of the team:

Meet Customer Success Manager, Phil Parrot-Migas

Phil has a passion for running and has been a competitive distance runner for over 15 years. He is highly motivated, has valuable knowledge about the endurance industry, and speaks fluent French. When not at his desk, you’ll find Phil running and training for his next big race. 

Phil’s personal best: Half marathon PB 63:53

Meet Customer Success Representative, Hilary Stafford

Hilary was born and raised in London, Ontario and has been involved in distance running for most of her life. She competed at the collegiate level and continues to run and stay active to take care of her mind and body. In her free time, she enjoys scoping out coffee shops, markets, and vintage stores and finding ways to live more sustainably.

Hilary’s personal best: 1500m PB 4:28.20

Meet Customer Success Representative, Ben Carson

Ben is a semi-retired competitive distance runner who feels that Race Roster culture has inspired him to keep up with the running community, as well as see the sport in a new light. Ben enjoys helping clients achieve that ‘light bulb moment’ and seeing their events prosper despite the tough circumstances of the pandemic. As a fluent french speaker, Ben is happy to help event organizers and participants in both languages. 

Ben’s personal best: Half marathon PB 67:11

Get in touch with our Customer Success team

To get in touch with a member of our support team, feel free to reach out using one of the following methods below or visit our contact page.


Event organizers: director@raceroster.com

Timers: timer@raceroster.com


Call: 1-855-969-5515

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