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It’s that time of year again. Warm and cozy vibes, gingerbread cookies and joyful songs, paired with people scrambling to find the perfect holiday gift! However, some of the best gifts can’t be wrapped in a box, but experienced. That’s right. Your event might just be the most memorable present anyone can receive this holiday.

How does gifting work?

Let’s see how a registration can be gifted in this short story…

Meet Casey Smith. Casey loves to run, and for the past two years, she has been missing that ‘event day experience’ that just can’t be replicated anywhere else. You know the stuff – live announcers getting everyone excited, motivational music, and so many people surrounding you, all determined to get from the same start line to the same finish. It’s exhilarating, and it’s been too long since Casey had this experience.

Casey’s friend Halle noticed that she has been feeling a bit down, and really wants to give her something to be excited about for the holidays. Halle was ecstatic to find out on Instagram that Seawater Stride was offering gift-able registration codes for next year’s event! “This will be the greatest gift of all time” thought Halle.

Because Seawater Stride utilized Race Roster’s custom domains feature, Halle can simply visit to arrive on the event page.

From here, Halle wants to make sure that Casey hasn’t already registered herself. She uses the “confirm registration” search that Seawater Stride has enabled. Searching Casey’s name brought up no results.

Relieved, Halle selects the “Buy as a gift” option and proceeds to purchase a gift code for the 5K sub-event. She notices an option to “Subsidize a portion of the gift cost”. Curious, she checks this option to learn more about it. Halle learns she is able to pay for only a portion of the cost if she prefers (e.g. only cover 50% of the fee and have Casey cover the rest). Halle decides to cover 100% of the cost. Halle fills out her billing and payment information, and submits her order!

Next, Halle receives an email containing the gift code that can be passed along to Casey! Halle want to be there when Casey opens her gift, so instead of passing it on electronically, Halle prints out the gift code and places it inside her holiday card.

Just as Halle hoped for, Casey was ecstatic to receive her gift! Casey immediately visits to redeem her registration. She goes about registering from an event as someone normally would, however, when she gets to the bottom of the registration page, she is prompted to enter her gift code. Casey types in the gift code from Halle and registers for free!

Casey is extremely excited to participate in the event and can’t wait to start training!

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