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Old doesn’t always mean outdated. We love to frequently introduce new pages and features to the platform, however, there is one page that has stood strong against the test of time. That’s the event dashboard home.

What is the event dashboard home?

We’re glad you asked. The event dashboard is the best overview you can access to get an in-depth overview of everything going on with your event. This ranges from financial data to where your volunteers are assigned, and beyond. It’s not just a place to observe, but is also a space to access quick links, generate reports, and manage your event on the fly.

The event dashboard home contains the following sections:

  • Registrants
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Swag and merchandise
  • Donations
  • Invoices
  • Volunteers
  • Teams
  • Sponsorships
  • Expenses
  • Line items

Pro Tip:

You can even search the event organizer menu to quickly jump to a certain spot on the event dashboard home. For example, try searching “team management”.

Today we’re covering 3 great use cases of the event dashboard home.

1. See where your participants are registering from

Participant locations are based on their address entered during registration

The Participant Density Map visually indicates where in the world your participants have registered from. You can easily toggle between Map and Satellite views, expand to a larger or full screen view, and adjust the size of the point radius.

Why is this valuable?

  • Pinpoint areas where you are or aren’t getting a lot of traction – You can use this information to determine where to focus your marketing efforts.
  • Share data to attract potential sponsors – Knowing where your participants are coming from is key in confirming that you can help your sponsors reach new audiences and expand into new markets.
  • Determine types of discounts to get for your participants – If many people will be traveling to your event, you may want to connect with hotels and restaurants to offer discounts.

You can dive even deeper into locals vs. tourists on the demographics dashboard, found under Metrics.

2. Send and manage invoices

The online invoice tool helps you create professional and sleek-looking invoices that are easily customizable to suit your needs. It’s an easy way to stay up-to-date on all your payments from sponsors, vendors, advertisers, and more.

On the event dashboard home, you can see all of your issued invoices. You can filter this list by status and use a quick link to generate an Invoices Report. Additionally, the invoices section allows you to see a summary of money collected through invoices online, in-cash, and to see a total of outstanding amounts. 

Learn more about Race Roster’s invoice tool. 

3. Manage & track sponsorship data

It’s important to keep tabs on sponsorship data. You can see a variety of metrics right from your event dashboard home. This includes total number of sponsors, names of sponsors, In-kind, cash, and total sponsorship dollars received. It’s also quick and easy to print and export sponsorship data to a CSV or PDF!

Additionally, you can quickly access the sponsorships management page where you can add new sponsors, enter sponsorship details, upload sponsor logos, and organize them into groups. You can also choose to highlight sponsors on your event details page, customize the order in which they will be displayed, and link out to sponsor websites and other pages.

These are only three great use cases of the event dashboard home. There are plenty other ways to use this page, such as seeing how registrations are trending, making sure volunteers are all assigned to the right station, keeping tabs on event merchandise sales or determining how many successful referrals have been made (and how much you have given out as a reward)!

One last tip – If you’re ever in need of quick assistance, tap the floating question mark that follows you around the event organizer dashboard! This provides quick access to the knowledge base and customer support.

What’s new at Race Roster?

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