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You can now host your event page under your very own website URL! Say goodbye to and hello to There are several benefits of transitioning your event page over to a custom domain. In this article, we’ll be covering the perks of custom domains and outlining how you can start using one on Race Roster™!

Why use a custom domain?

  • It’s free to host – Many web services charge a fee for SSL certificates, which is why we are excited to provide Race Roster customers with a secure and unique SSL certificate, completely FREE of charge!
  • Create subdomains for Race Roster event pagesIf you already have a great website and want to make your event details page on Race Roster part of the same domain, you can use a subdomain! For example, will take you to the same home page you love and know, and could direct people to your event details page!
  • Keep everything in one place – Eliminate the need to jump around from your external website to your event pages. With custom domains, you can keep event details, registration, fundraising, participant details, and results all in one place. It even allows you to keep the same URL year after year! A custom URL is a great way to enhance the online experience for participants, potential registrants, and anyone else learning about your event.

  • Professional presentation – A custom domain is a great way to present your event in a professional way. It shows that you are invested in your event and serious about your brand!

  • Memorable & recognizable: A custom URL is much easier for your participants to remember when they need to return to your event page. It’s also a great way to increase brand recognition!
  • A reliable & secure host – Your security and privacy are a top priority. Host your event website using technology you can feel confident in!

    Our robust infrastructure:
    • Can handle huge peak loads
    • Ensures fast page loads = happy page visitors
    • Helps improve your Google quality score (meaning your event site can rank higher on Google)!
    • Is PCI-DSS compliant

Learn more about our secure and reliable servers: “How secure is Race Roster?

  • Facebook domain verification – In light of the recent changes to cross-domain tracking, organizations have been limited in how they track Facebook Pixels on Race Roster. The custom domain solution gives you the opportunity to use Facebook Pixels to track activities as if they were for your own domain. Once your domain is set up, you’ll have the ability to link and manage your pixels and events within the Facebook Business Manager.

How to get set up with custom domains on Race Roster:

The Race Roster Customer Success team is highly trained and ready to help you get set up! You can start using a custom domain in three easy steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Let us know which domain and subdomain names you will be using and we’ll take care of the setup on Race Roster. We will then provide you with the information you’ll need to get connected to your domain provider. (e.g., GoDaddy).

Step 2: Connect to your domain provider

Your domain provider will require you to provide the information you have received from us. The process of inputting this data may vary depending on each different provider.

Step 3: Success!

Once you are set up with your domain provider, allow up to 72 hours for verification. Once verified, your new custom domain is ready to share!

You can book a custom domain set up call now, or contact if you have any questions!

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