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Millions of dollars are raised each year through endurance-focused fundraising events; but could we be raising more money if we made it easier for people to give?

Given the number of running events focused on raising funds for charity, it seems only logical that a race director would attempt to remove as many barriers as possible in the fundraising initiative, and do everything possible to encourage participants to start fundraising from the moment they hit “Register”.

Race Roster has identified that hosting registration and fundraising on separate platforms causes participant confusion and negatively impacts fundraising efforts.

Why Keep it All On One Platform

Make it Easy

Prevent participants from creating two profiles on two platforms and having to remember two passwords. Yikes!

Save Time

Give participants the option to donate while registering for the race while their credit card is already out.

Integrate Team Fundraising

Allow participants to register as a team and activate peer-to-peer fundraising at the same time, on the same platform.


Improve Reporting

Save time flipping between your registration and fundraising systems – fundraising reports can be created and exported directly from your event dashboard.

Display Fundraising Progress

Integrate registration with fundraising to allow events to track and display fundraising targets, top teams and pledge pages all in one place.


Race Roster’s all-in-one registration and fundraising solution addresses these key points to save race directors time in their busy lives and increase fundraising for their charity partners.

Whether you are a participant or race director, there is no better feeling than turning all those hours preparing for an event into something beyond yourself, and getting more money in the hands of those who need it.

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Bob Pluss

As one of the founders of Race Roster, Bob cares deeply about the success of all clients, and ensuring that Race Roster runs smoothly day-in and day-out. With a strong technology background, Bob is always ready to help out clients in any way that he can. When not in the office, Bob can be found playing hockey or golf, shooting photos, and spending time with his family.