Making Strides Fall 2021 | Estimated Read time – 2:12

Our fall 2021 edition of Making Strides is here! The most noteworthy updates and releases from this past quarter will be sure to “pumpkin spice” things up for you as we enter the autumn season. 

Let’s take a look at what was released during the past few months:

1 – Two new ways to collect signatures for unsigned waivers

We introduced two new features to help you collect signatures for unsigned waivers both before and during your event expo, packet pickup, or participant check-in.

Learn more about what these features are and how you can start collecting waiver signatures quickly and efficiently on site or in advance.

2 – Custom domains

We introduced the ability to host your event page under your very own website URL! There are several benefits of transitioning your event page over to a custom domain. In our article, we covered the perks of custom domains and outlined how you can start using one on Race Roster™.

You can book a custom domain set up call now, or contact if you have any questions!

3 – Three new challenge types

We introduced three new challenge types, along with the ability to assign awards based off of the questions you ask during registration. With these new releases, you can engage with your participants in entirely new ways, reach a wider audience, and organize creative challenges that everyone can take part in! Learn more about our new challenge types.

4 – New payout reporting features

Easily filter reports by payout period to get the information you need and reconcile each payout with ease. Learn more about the updates to payout reporting.

5 – Team registration questions, your way

We’ve recently updated our team registration question functionality to give you even more control over the questions you ask. With team registration questions, you can collect the data you need to plan a smooth running event and deliver a great experience! Learn more team registration questions.

6 – Participant dashboard settings

We’ve recently introduced a new page to your event organizer dashboard, allowing you to customize your participant dashboard with ease.

Learn what you can accomplish with the NEW participant dashboard settings page.

7 – Behind the scenes of product design and digital accessibility

Product Design

Here at Race Roster, we are incredibly passionate about design. Our product team is dedicated to creating a platform that is usable, unified, and designed with your needs in mind, which is why Race Roster has a well thought-out design system.

Learn about the design system behind the Race Roster platform and what we’ve been doing to improve your experience as a user.

Digital Accessibility

Our team at Race Roster is committed to offering an accessible experience for all. We are currently in the process of auditing the digital accessibility of the Race Roster platform, allowing us to ensure our products and tools will be usable by anyone and everyone.

Learn more about digital accessibility and what we’ve been doing at Race Roster.

8 – Additional updates

  • Country selection
    • When Italy is selected in a country dropdown, a dropdown for selecting a province will also be displayed.
    • Curaçao can now be selected in the country dropdown.
  • Transactional email campaign for series registrations – You can now set up an email campaign to send upon a finalized series transaction.
  • Custom ordering of waivers – You can now rearrange the order in which your waivers are displayed.
  • Transfer visibility – Participants with multiple registrations can now see what sub-event they are transferring out of.  
  • Staff access setting selections – You can now quickly “select all” or “clear all” access settings when setting up staff permissions.

What’s new at Race Roster?

See all of our releases or visit our what’s new page for the most noteworthy Race Roster updates!


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