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1.  Updates to DEKs

The Making Strides Fall 2022 Edition is here! This is your quarterly recap of Race Roster’s most noteworthy updates, releases, and valuable content from this past quarter.

  • Create kits in multiple languages – Digital Engagement Kits are now configured to support multiple languages, allowing for 1 language per kit.
  • Duplicate cards & kits – Want to create another card or Digital Engagement Kit with similar content to an existing one? You can now easily duplicate cards and kits! Simply tap the ellipsis icon on a card or kit and select “duplicate”.
  • Createparticipant only” kits – You can now change the viewing permission on your digital engagement kit from “available to anyone with a link” to “available only to event participants”. This will require viewers to confirm their registration before revealing kit content.

2. Donation redirects:

We at Race Roster are proud to deliver secure and reliable technology that supports so many meaningful causes. With our fundraising tools, people can donate to an organization in three different ways: to a team, a participant or as a general donation.

If a donor accidentally donated in the way they did not intend to, our Customer Success team could be resourced to redirect the donation. Now, a donation redirect can quickly be accomplished through your own dashboard!

3. Apply promo codes to products in registration

Offering incentives is a common marketing strategy to increase your event registration. Previously, you could create discounts for registrations or for products in the post-registration store, but imagine the opportunities if you had the flexibility to discount registrations and products within the registration flow…

Now using Race Roster, you can!

4. Easy file uploading for participants

You can now allow participants to upload files during registration or through the participant dashboard, making it easy to collect proof of vaccination, previous race times, and other important information! Read on to learn more…

5. Custom question options

As event organizers, sometimes we just don’t have all the answers — but in some cases, our registrants do! On Race Roster, you can allow participants to create their own custom option as an answer to a multiple choice question asked during registration.

6. Organize your bundle participants – introducing bundle IDS:

It’s event week and you’re checking off your to-do’s (while adding more than you check off, of course).

You want to put all of the items for each participant who registered for a bundle into one packet. You also want to make sure the bundle participants receive the same bib number for each of their sub-events. But, how?

Introducing: Bundle IDs.

7. Dispute notifications

Have you checked your disputed transactions lately? We know with all of the tasks you have on your plate, the disputed transaction report can easily be overlooked. That’s why you can now choose to enable dispute notifications to alert you when a dispute is filed!

But, what should you do once you receive that notification?Is there any way you can influence the outcome?

We thought this would be a great opportunity to recap disputes and provide a few tips to help you retain your hard-earned revenue!

8. Updates to inventory management tool

As timers, managing logistics is critical. Between organizing your race calendar, the travel, and preparing staff and equipment for the unique needs of each event, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient.

Introducing three updates to our inventory management tool to make organizing your inventory easier!

9. Tips & Tricks

10. Additional updates & releases

  • Fundraising: 
    • Updated fundraising page share links to a dropdown menu
    • Updated credit card descriptor for donation-only transactions to display the charity name instead of the custom credit card descriptor
  • Onsite:
    •  Added ability to view uploaded files from onsite check in table
    • Added sidebar item for Onsite sign in on event dashboard under “apps” -> “onsite app” dropdown
    • Onsite UX updates + renaming “kiosk registration” to “onsite registration” 
  • Store: Custom close dates on event store page can now be set
  • Registration questions: 
    • Gender labels in registration questions (‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, or gender queer’, or ‘prefer not to disclose’)
    • UI updates to registration question type selections
  • Refund report: Added new “sub-event” column to Refund Report table
  • Display: Improved virtual challenge call-to-action buttons display logic from the participant dashboard
  • Staff settings: Allow full control staff members to create series event
  • Confirmation lookup: Allow products to be displayed as columns in public facing participant display lists on event page (great for displaying corral assignments)
  • Transaction report: Added billing info fields to transaction report (billing name, billing address, billing email address, billing phone number)
  • Participant insurance: Added Mexico to TicketGuardian/RegShield supported countries
  • Accounting: Added verbiage to Go Live acknowledgement page that explains payout schedule
  • Series: Implement support for file upload question types within series registration
  • Postbacks: Added support to properly display multiple product options selected when sending postbacks

Race Roster

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