Our Summer 2020 edition of Making Strides is here – a quarterly recap of Race Roster’s newest updates and releases. 2020 has certainly been an interesting year so far with many unexpected waves that we had no choice but to ride. This past quarter, we have been dedicated to building more solutions to support the current and future challenges of the endurance event industry. 

Latest updates & releases:

In case you missed anything, here are our most noteworthy releases and resources from the past few months:

1. Upgraded ASICS Runkeeper™ app collaboration tools for virtual events 

Race Roster and the Runkeeper™ app introduced some exciting enhancements to the virtual event experience, helping you deliver an end-to-end virtual event experience to your participants like no other. This exciting release introduced the following features:

  • Automatically posted results
  • Quick access to the Runkeeper™ app from Race Roster
  • A seamless flow for participants registered for multiple virtual events
  • Sharable ‘smart link’ to lead your participants to your event’s custom ‘start run’ page on the Runkeeper app
  • Ready-to-go email template to get your participants started

To learn more, check out our article on the Runkeeper™ app update.

2. Customization tools for your high-traffic virtual results page

We introduced new customization tools for your results page. This is a high traffic area that your participants will visit to submit and view their results and share their finisher certificates. Using these tools, you can customize a variety of assets to reflect your brand or highlight your sponsors. The following can be customized:

  • Main results page 
  • Finisher certificates 
  • Individual results page

To learn more, check out our article on enhancements to the virtual event toolkit.

3. SMS (text-message) tool

According to research completed by Rebrandly SMS open rates are nearly 5x higher than email. Now you can take advantage of this effective communication channel to directly connect with your participants.

To learn more, check out our article on sending text messages with Race Roster’s new SMS tool.

4. Bulk uploading with the Inventory management tool

Building on our latest enhancements to the inventory management tool (GPS tracking and the agenda view), we released a NEW bulk uploading feature, making it seamless to upload multiple inventory items all at once.

To learn more, check out our article on organizing your event inventory with bulk uploading capabilities.

5. Multi-sport segments & splits for virtual events

This past quarter, we announced that you can now host virtual triathlons and multi-day challenges using newly added features from our virtual event toolkit. Add multi-sport segments & splits to your virtual event to accept results with various activities across multiple days.

To learn more, check out our article on multi-sport segments & splits for virtual events

6. Individual results page new look

After participants have completed your virtual event, they will now be able to view all of their relevant result details on their newly revamped personal results page. Their finishing results, awards they have won, and finisher certificate will be prominently displayed in a clean, compact, and organized layout, allowing your participants to quickly share their finishing results with friends and family.

To learn more, check out our article on enhancements to the virtual event toolkit.

New Resource kits

1. Resource kit for virtual events

Whether you are creating a virtual event from scratch or transitioning an existing event into a virtual one, Race Roster has the tools you need to execute an outstanding virtual event experience!
Visit the virtual events resource kit to learn more!

2. Resource kit for COVID-19

We’ve prepared a COVID-19 resources kit to help you during this challenging time. We hope you find this information helpful and that you will resource us should you have any additional questions. We’re ready to help you plan for whatever comes next!

Visit the COVID-19 resources kit

3. Resource kit for the Inventory management tool

We put together a resource kit for the inventory management tool to provide you with quick access to knowledge base articles, videos, and a deep-dive into the inventory management tool.

Visit the resource kit to learn more about the inventory management tool.

4. Race Roster press kit 

Need to use the Race Roster logo? We have you covered.  Visit our press kit page to download our official logo assets and brand guidelines.

Additional updates and releases you might find useful:

  • Delete unredeemed promo codes – You are now able to delete promo codes that haven’t been redeemed.

  • Locked sub-event transfers – Registrants can now transfer into a sub-event that is locked by an access code.

  • Participant list updates
    • When viewing inactive participants on your participant list, you can now see an ‘updated by’ column that will display the email address of the user that last set a participant to inactive along with the date and time that occurred.
    • If a participant has transferred to another sub-event, you can now view the name of the sub-event they originally registered for.
    • You can now filter participants by the distance of the sub-event they have registered for (e.g., view 5K and 10K participants).
      *A distance must be set on your sub-event to be applicable.
    • You can view RegShield policy and coverage amounts on participant lists
    • You can now view the payout period in which the funds for a specific participant were received

  • Public-facing participant list settings – We have introduced public-facing participant list settings. These settings will be applied to the public-facing participant list, on the confirmation lookup tool, and the bib lookup tool if they are enabled. You as the event organizer can decide which fields you want to be displayed.

  • Hidden registration questions can be made viewable on the participant dashboard – Registration questions can now be hidden during the registration process, but editable/viewable by participants via their participant dashboard.
  • Mandatory donations for specific sub-events – You can now make donations mandatory for specific sub-events.

  • Updates to metrics pages 
    • Statistics for hidden questions now appear in the registration question metrics dashboard.
    • If your sub-events contain an associated distance, you will now be able to view statistics based on the distance, as well as the sub-event.
  • Notices for owed amounts – There is now a display notice for any amount owing to an account balance.
  • View all teams on the fundraising organization overview – We now display all teams on the fundraising organization’s overview, whether they have raised funds or not.
  • Registration questions & product descriptions – Descriptions for registration questions and products now appear on the participant dashboard.

  • Donation thank-you page hyperlinks – We have updated the WYSIWYG editor for the donation thank-you page settings to include hyperlinks.
  • Results link merge tag – When creating an email campaign, you will now be able to include a merge tag for your ‘results link’ – sending participants directly to your custom branded results page. 
  • Display your Apple Music/Spotify playlist on your event details page– Your Apple Music or Spotify playlist can be embedded into your event details page. In the custom content block, you can now select a type from the following options: custom block, Spotify playlist, and Apple Music playlist. After selecting one of the playlist types, paste the link to your playlist and your playlist will be displayed on the event details page.

  • Refund requests – Added export option to refund request report

  • Updated series dashboard menu and go-live process – The series dashboard menu has been streamlined to display more relevant links and series event organizers will be taken through an updated go-live process.

Want to see all of our updates and releases?

Visit https://raceroster.com/releases


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