Making Strides Summer 2022 | Estimated read time – 2:26

The Making Strides Summer 2022 Edition is here! This is your quarterly recap of Race Roster’s most noteworthy updates, releases, and valuable content from this past quarter.

1. Launch of Digital Engagement Kits BETA Test

Digital Engagement Kits (DEKs) are here and so far, BETA testers are loving them! By bringing goodie bag items and event resources to a digital format, organizers are saving time, money, AND trees with this tool.

Many of you signed up to be a BETA tester of Digital Engagement Kits and we were absolutely thrilled to see the results! So far, DEKs have been an ideal tool to accomplish the following:

  • Add value for sponsors & partners
  • Deliver content in an eco-friendly style
  • Increase engagement with participants
  • Go beyond traditional event kits

“We loved using Race Roster’s new Digital Engagement Kit at the 41st Annual Fair Oaks Sun Run! Instead of printing thousands of postcards and flyers, we shared a digital goodie bag with participants in our post-event email featuring discounts to upcoming events. Many of our race partners saw great results with their digital card, and we were able to save money and reduce waste at the same time!”

– Chris Mason, Capital Road Race Management (CRRM)

Try out Digital Engagement Kits!

Join the other BETA testers in building digital kits that go beyond the physical goodie bag. What will be in your DEK of cards?

2. Tips & Tricks for Sustainable Events

On Earth Day, we reflected on our industry’s impact on the environment. As event industry professionals, we have the power to make changes that could significantly help reduce waste and contribute to maintaining our natural environment.

Check out our tips & tricks for sustainable endurance events.

3. Great tools to make your event more diverse & inclusive

We’ve been thinking about how we, as event management technology providers, can help our industry evolve into a space where everyone feels welcome.

In this article, we covered 8 great tools you could be leveraging right now to take steps toward a more diverse and inclusive industry

4.  Bundles in the spotlight

Are you familiar with our bundles feature? A “bundle” is a special grouping of sub-events, allowing people to quickly register for multiple sub-events by filling out the registration form only once.

In this article, we covered what our sub-event bundle feature is and why activating bundles might be right for your event.

5. Event Organizer Dashboard in the spotlight

Old doesn’t always mean outdated. We love to frequently introduce new pages and features to the platform, however, there is one page that has stood strong against the test of time. That’s the event dashboard home.

In this article, we covered what the event dashboard is and three great use cases for this page!

6. Two new updates for bib management tools

We introduced two new updates to your bib management tools, making it easier to accomplish specific goals. You can now add up to two bib number ranges and exclude particular sub-events from being assigned a bib!

Learn more about these 2 new updates for bib management tools.

7. Additional updates & releases

  • Email Campaigns
    • The following merge tags are now available for use in email campaigns:
      • Registration total
      • Total amount raised (team)
      • Claim link
      • Registration date (YYYY-MM-DD)
    • We have aligned merge tags for both email campaigns and post back settings
    • Added ability to resend a campaign to a different email address if it has bounced
  • Series
    • Only registrations done through the series page will appear in the registration count on the Series Dashboard 
    • You can now add sponsors to a series page
  • Other
    • RegShield – Updated the RegShield widget that is displayed during registration
    • Clubs – The membership number can now be removed from the club confirmation receipt
    • Invoices – We have made improvements when creating an invoice and applying taxes
    • Payouts – On the payouts screen, we added an external link icon to fundraising payout report link 
    • Products & Event store – Improvements were made to the store settings and selecting products
    • Onsite
      • Added an onsite donation QR code
      • Allow all valid currencies onsite (Kiosk)
    • Disputes – Added logic to set participants to inactive when transaction where they were registered is disputed
    • Payment terminals – “Payment pad” was renamed as “payment terminals” on onsite settings dashboards
    • Payout report & dashboards – The reporting of line items, additional charges and taxes on the payout report and dashboards has been separated
    • Registration – An age limit warning will appear in registration before the form is submitted 
    • Participant list – Can now be sorted by date registered 
    • Sponsorships – Added searchable tab for Sponsorships

What’s new at Race Roster?

See all of our releases or visit our what’s new page for the most noteworthy Race Roster updates!


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