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We’ve had quite a few things to shell-ebrate this quarter! After riding many challenging waves throughout the year, we’re excited to see some events finally getting back to business! We also reached a milestone this past quarter, having spent 9 incredible years doing what we love most – helping event industry professionals solve their greatest challenges! This past quarter, we introduced various updates and resources to help our industry return to the start line. Let’s dive into a recap!

1 – Elevate your website with powerful race calendars

In this article, we covered the various types of race calendars available to you on Race Roster! These calendars are great for both timers and event organizers, allowing you to display upcoming and past events in real-time directly on your website! This quarter, we introduced new functionality to our builder, making the race calendar tool more powerful than ever!

Learn more about race calendars.

2 – Drive success together: The power of staff access settings

Collaboration and teamwork are key components for organizing great events. The Race Roster platform is a place for event organizers, fundraisers, timers, sponsors, and vendors to seamlessly collaborate on a cohesive platform and drive success together. As an event organizer, you can maximize the efficiency of your team by giving each member access to exactly what they need to fulfill their role.

In this article, we gave you a deep dive into our staff access settings to show you how you can manage the various roles of your event team with ease.

Learn more about staff access settings.

3 – NEW: Restrict event registrations by location

We introduced a new location limit feature, making it incredibly easy to restrict an event by state/province, country, or ZIP/postal code.

Learn more about restricting event registrations by location.

4 – Great ways to fundraise for the causes you care about

By working closely with fundraisers over the past nine years, we gained valuable insight that we were excited to share with you. In this article, we explored great ways to raise more for the causes you care about through the Race Roster platform. We also dove into some fundraising success stories shared by our customers!

Learn more about great ways to fundraise for the causes you care about.

5 – Safety first: Contactless check-in & results

As we welcome participants back to the start line, it’s important to keep their safety top-of-mind. Planning out your onsite process doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Our onsite tools are now available to you — and we outlined exactly how you can use these tools for safe and secure onsite solutions.

Learn more about safe and secure onsite solutions.

6 – Nine years and going strong: From Rock the Road to rocking ASICS

We celebrated our 9th birthday! Nine years ago, five friends set out to change the event industry. After organizing a 10K race called Rock the Road, it was evident that the event industry was in dire need of better technology. Their mission was to solve event organizer problems, and today, the Race Roster team continues to solve those problems, as well as offer solutions to event industry professionals across the globe.

Learn more about the story behind Race Roster.

7 – What’s new for Race Roster email campaigns?

Our email campaign tool is a customer favorite for communicating with participants in an engaging and personal way. With 30+ trigger conditions to select from, you can ensure the right message is sent to exactly the right audience. 

We introduced three new features to the email campaign tool, built to help you respond efficiently to the specific needs of your participants.

Learn more about our latest additions to Race Roster email campaigns.

8 – Additional updates and releases you might find useful:

  • [Sub-events] Ability to add ‘Sub-Event Visibility’ note to sub-event settings, indicating if a sub-event is on or off – On the sub-events overview page, we have added labels to let you know if the sub-event is visible to the public or not. With so many sub-event options available (hide in reg, hide in series, lock them), these labels have been introduced to create a better understanding of what settings have been enabled for each sub-event.
  • [Event details page] Ability to hide the donation button  – If you would like to set up and customize your own buttons for donations, you can now contact our Customer Success team to hide the “donate now” button from your event details page.
  • [Event creation – Info section] Additional country options for event locations – We have added more countries into the event info section, allowing events to be located in more countries. The list now includes the entire European Union.
  • [Registration] New settings for fundraising – We’ve recently added the following new capabilities for fundraising:
    • Specify which sub-events have fundraising associated with them
    • Only allow general donations if registered for a specific sub-events
    • Define which organizations can be fundraised for by participants who have registered for a specific sub-event. For example, you could have 5K registrants fundraise for “Save the Manatees” and have the 10K registrants fundraise for “Save the Whales”. 

What’s new at Race Roster?

See all of our releases or visit our what’s new page for the most noteworthy Race Roster updates!


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