Great experiences don’t end at the finish line. We believe the result-viewing experience is just as important as every other step in the participant journey. To help you display more valuable content on your results page, we’ve added a variety of merge tag options to your ‘display messages’ and ‘finisher certificates’. We’ve also made a few additions that will save more of your valuable time.

Finisher certificates

Jumpstart finisher certificate customizations with our new starter template

Our new advanced customization options allow you to make your finisher certificates shine. We’ve introduced a default template containing a variety of merge tags to help jumpstart your creation process and save more time.

Display more with additional merge tags

Additionally, we have added new merge tags, allowing you to display more on your finisher certificates. You can now display how a participant placed based on gender within their age group, show total distance achieved, and more!

Race settings

Save time by duplicating races

Planning to set up a few races with similar settings? You can now easily duplicate a race on your results dashboard to make setting up similar races quick and easy. Simply navigate to your race settings and select “Duplicate this race”. 

Coming Soon: Display message merge tags

Drive friendly competition by adding ‘distance achieved’ merge tags

Custom “display messages” can be added to the top of your results page, giving you the opportunity to highlight whatever you’d like. You can add images, videos, HTML, tables, and more to your messages. To offer you even more flexibility, you can now add a dynamic merge tag to display the total distance achieved by all participants in the virtual race. Additionally, you can include a merge tag to display the total distance achieved by team type! 

With these merge tags, you can introduce some friendly competition to your event! For example, by displaying the total km/miles covered by team category, you can have all of the “school teams” compete against all of the “corporate teams”. Feel free to get creative with your team categories to drive some fun competitions.


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