Offering event products to participants is a key component of many events. Having the ability to offer products both during registration and post-registration ensures your participants will be able to get the items they need at any time.

Here are some of the ways the participant store can benefit you and your participants.

Offer multiple chances to purchase

Provide your participants with a second opportunity to purchase products. As the event date gets closer, participants tend to feel a renewed sense of excitement for an event that they signed up for months ago. At the initial time of registration, they may not have purchased anything but are now wishing they bought an item as their anticipation grows for the upcoming event. In addition, participants can take their time browsing products and may decide to purchase more than they would have during registration.

Increase revenue

The participant store provides you with the flexibility you need to up-sell your products and increase revenue. This is a great opportunity for you to market your store products through email campaigns and social media, driving more traffic to your event page and increasing the chance of an up-sell or a new registration. Another great benefit of the participant store is the ability to use promo codes. This allows you to create additional incentive for product purchases and is another great way to enhance the appeal of your campaigns!

Note: Participants can only purchase items from your store after registering for your event. This can help motivate potential participants to register for your event to access your exclusive items!

Streamline registration

The participant store is a great asset if you’re looking to streamline your registration process. One of the benefits of the participant store is the ability to move extra event products out of the registration form and into your participant store. This is especially helpful if your event tends to sell out quickly. Your participants can enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience knowing they don’t need to rush through registration to secure their spot. Registrants can focus on filling out the form, making sure nothing gets missed, and then go to the participant store later to browse at their leisure.

Build a strong connection 

In the event of a product being added for purchase to the registration form at a later date, those who had registered prior to that date will still have the chance to buy the item in the participant store.

Adding products at a later date allows you to create another touchpoint with your participants, notifying them of new products and helping to build brand recognition leading up to your event. Using the Race Roster campaign tool, you can easily create a campaign to re-target your participants and drive traffic to your participant store.

Enabling the participant store for your event will allow you to increase revenue by providing multiple opportunities to purchase event products, streamline your registration flow, and build a stronger connection with your participants.

To learn more, check out our knowledge base article on how to enable the participant store.


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