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We’ve recently introduced a new page to your event organizer dashboard, allowing you to manage your participant dashboard settings with ease. On this new page, you can customize your participant dashboard to your liking, allowing you to ensure that each section is properly labeled and the right messages are being communicated to your participants.

From the NEW participant dashboard settings page, you can accomplish the following:  

Create custom messages with the participant dashboard message tool

The participant dashboard is the go-to place for participants to see an overview of event information and personal details regarding their registration. As one of the most viewed pages on Race Roster, it’s a fantastic place to communicate important information to your participants! When you visit the new participant dashboard settings page, you will now see a link to the participant dashboard message tool!

Participant dashboard messages are a great way to highlight sponsors, drive participants to relevant pages, and communicate important information to your participants. Your opportunities to customize extend far beyond changing the words that are displayed. You can change fonts and colors, add images, and even include your own HTML code!

See our article on participant dashboard messages for some great ways you can use this tool!

21 customizable team labels

It’s important to ensure that the information displayed on your participant dashboard is both clear and relevant to your event. Particularly, your event may require the use of alternative wording when it comes to displaying information about teams. We’ve introduced 21 customizable labels, allowing you to adjust any content referencing a “team” on the participant dashboard. 

If a participant is part of a team, there will be a section called ‘Teams’ on the participant dashboard page. This is displayed at the top of the page as a selectable tab, as well as within each sub-event’s details. 

There are many different references to ‘teams’ within these locations on the participant dashboard. They can be seen in labels for ‘team captains’, as well as actionable items such as ‘switching teams’, ‘inviting a friend to join a team’, ‘editing a team name’, ‘editing team details’, or ‘exporting a team list’. Our new customization fields allow you to change these references of “teams” to alternative wording that makes more sense for your event.

For example, it may make more sense to refer to ‘teams’ as ‘groups’, ‘fundraising groups’, or possibly even ‘companies’ if your event is using the team functionality specifically for a corporate challenge.

Coming this fall: Translations on the participant dashboard

We’re excited to announce that translations for the participant dashboard will be available in the following 9 languages:

  • English
  • French (CA)
  • French (FR)
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Participants will be able to view their dashboards in their preferred language without needing to change the language on their own. Our system automatically displays the language that has been set on their web browser.  

*Please note: To ensure your participants receive the best experience possible when viewing their participant dashboard, we ask that you please provide us with the translations for your custom content. This will ensure that all content on the page is displayed to your participants in their preferred language!

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