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You can now allow participants to upload files during registration or through the participant dashboard, making it easy to collect proof of vaccination, previous race times, and other important information! 

How does it work?

We’ve introduced a new registration question type called “file upload”. This will allow you to ask questions that require registrants to respond with an uploaded document. Unless specified as hidden, ‘file upload questions’ will appear in the questions section of your registration form and can be easily updated by participants through the participant dashboard.

The following settings can be enabled on ‘file upload questions’, allowing you to specify who will be asked for this information and when.

  • Only ask questions between specific dates
  • Only add question to specific sub-events
  • Set as custom field (hide question from the registration form)
  • Make question optional

Great use cases for file uploads

Collecting files makes it easy to receive a variety of information:

  • Proof of previous race times and corrals – You can ask participants to upload proof of a previous race time in order to confirm their difference in pace/completion time.
  • Proof of vaccinations – If your event requires participants to be vaccinated, you can ask participants to upload their proof of vaccination.
  • Health cards

Accepted file types: .JPG, .PNG. and .PDF

Maximum file size: 20mb

Easy to reference & update files 

You can easily access uploaded files through the participant list or onsite app. A link to view the uploaded file will appear below the title of your registration question.

If needed, participants can quickly update their uploaded files by revisiting the participant dashboard, deleting the existing file, and uploading a new one.

Please note: By requesting to collect records, you warrant that your state permits collection of such documentation, and that the collection does not violate any applicable or regulation.

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