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Are QR codes popping up all around you? QR codes, meaning “quick response” codes, have been regaining popularity to offer a simple and touch-less experience. There are many situations where QR codes have proven to be extremely useful, and endurance events are one of them. 

In this article, we’re going over how your event could be utilizing QR codes to provide contactless on site solutions and enhance the overall experience of your event . 

Event entry, onsite registration & check-in

Email & Apple Wallet QR codes for check-in

You can use QR codes to make your check-in experience quick and seamless. Race Roster confirmation emails already contain a QR code that can be scanned by volunteers at check-in. Additionally, our confirmation email allows registrants to add your event to their apple wallet, which can also be used to scan at check-in.

Make a QR code for bib lookup

Allow participants to look up their bib number prior to checking in to your event. You can print QR codes on your signage on site, allowing participants to scan them with their phones. This code will take them to the bib look-up page, where they can quickly look up their bib number and the bib number of anyone else they are checking-in.

Onsite Registration 

You can make registering on site quick and easy by displaying a QR code allowing participants to register straight from their phone!


Make it easy for participants to see their results on site at your event. You can set up a scannable QR code that will open up your results leaderboard or results kiosk on each participant’s phone. Print this QR code on a large sign and place it at your results tent for easy access!

Around the event

There are great ways to utilize QR codes beyond check-in and results. Here are a few ideas on how you could use QR codes in alternative ways:

  • Sign up for next year’s event -If you plan to open registration for next year right away, you could promote it at your post-race party while your event is top-of-mind! A QR code is a quick and easy way to drive participants straight to your registration page and secure their spot for next year.
  • Sign up for other events – After crossing the finish line and celebrating their efforts, participants might be wondering what their next event will be. If you are hosting other events, or have any events you’d like to promote to your participants, you could advertise them at your post-race party and link a QR code straight to registration.
  • Sponsor links – Give your sponsors additional visibility by advertising discounts and promotions on site and use QR codes to drive participants straight to sponsor websites.
  • SMS opt-in – Display a QR code to take participants to an SMS opt-in page, allowing them to subscribe to receive text messages.
  • Donation links – Utilize QR codes to allow participants to quickly make donations on site.
  • Event information – QR codes can also be used to provide participants with additional information while on site. For example, you could have a QR code link to the course map, corral map, or a page that clearly outlines your event’s COVID-19 protocols to inform participants on what to expect. 

Where you can generate a QR code

There are many QR code generators available! You can use or google chrome to generate QR codes.

Pro Tip: Give your QR code a custom design!

Some QR code generators allow you to upload your own QR code design. You could create a QR code that resembles your event’s logo for additional brand exposure, or if your event is a themed-event, your QR code’s design could be in-line with your theme. For example, the QR code for your winter themed event could be in the shape of a snowflake!

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