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We are incredibly grateful to all of our amazing customers and continue to be inspired by your resilience! This past year, we worked hard to provide the best support possible and continued to enhance and introduce more solutions to help you continue delivering great event experiences.

Let’s take a look at our top 21 most note-worthy updates, releases, and accomplishments from 2021.

1. Custom Domains

We introduced the ability to host your event page under your very own website URL! There are several benefits of transitioning your event page over to a custom domain. In our article, we covered the perks of custom domains and outlined how you can start using one on Race Roster™.

2. Virtual challenge enhancements

New virtual challenge types

We introduced three new challenge types, allowing Race Roster customers to create four different types of challenges:

  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Tally
  • Time-based

With these four options, you can engage with your participants in entirely new ways, reach a wider audience, and organize creative challenges that everyone can take part in! We put together a few ideas to help you get started!

Connect virtual challenges with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app

Taking part in a distance, elevation, or time-based challenge became easier than ever. We introduced the ability to connect your event with the ASICS Runkeeper app, allowing you to offer your participants an entirely seamless challenge experience on Race Roster!

Learn more about taking your virtual challenge further with the ASICS Runkeeper app.

3. Fundraising tool enhancements

We introduced the following enhancements to our fundraising tools, providing you with deeper insight into fundraising metrics, along with sleeker ways to display your organization and fundraising goals:

  • Donation fee coverage chart
  • Updated design of fundraising goals
  • Refreshed look for fundraising organizations displayed on the event details sidebar

Learn more about these enhancements to fundraising tools.

4. Custom registration messages

We introduced the ability to create custom messages directly from your registration pages! This is a great way to keep registrants informed on any important details you want them to know while registering for your event.

Learn more about custom registration messages.

5. Refund tool enhancements

Our refund tool was enhanced, allowing you to issue refunds with complete confidence and keep track of every cent.

Learn more about what was introduced to the refund tool.

6. New ways to collect signatures for unsigned waivers

We introduced two new features to help you collect signatures for unsigned waivers both before and during your event expo, packet pickup, or participant check-in.

Learn more about what these features are and how you can start collecting waiver signatures quickly and efficiently on site or in advance.

7. Updated transfers dashboard

The transfer dashboard was given a makeover! With these enhancements, initiating a participant transfer is quick and easy. Simply transfer a registration to a different sub-event or another person entirely, seamlessly review registrant details, and analyze transfer data at a glance.

Learn more about the updated transfers dashboard.

8. Team registration questions, your way

We updated our team registration question functionality to give you even more control over the questions you ask. With team registration questions, you can collect the data you need to plan a smooth running event and deliver a great experience!

Learn more team registration questions.

9. Participant dashboard settings

We introduced a new page to your event organizer dashboard, allowing you to customize your participant dashboard with ease.

Learn what you can accomplish with the NEW participant dashboard settings page.

10. New payout reporting features

Easily filter reports by payout period to get the information you need and reconcile each payout with ease!

Learn more about the updates to payout reporting.

11. Updates to race calendars

In this article, we covered the various types of race calendars available to you on Race Roster. These calendars are great for both timers and event organizers, allowing you to display upcoming and past events in real-time directly on your website. In 2021, we introduced new functionality to our builder, making the race calendar tool more powerful than ever!

Learn more about race calendars.

12. Restrict event registrations by location

We introduced a new location limit feature, making it incredibly easy to restrict an event by state/province, country, or ZIP/postal code.

Learn more about restricting event registrations by location.

13. Contactless check-in & results

To help you welcome participants back to the start line safely, we introduced ways to make your onsite solutions safe and secure.

14. Updates to Race Roster’s email campaign tool

We introduced new features to the email campaign tool, built to help you respond efficiently to the specific needs of your participants.

Learn more about our additions to Race Roster email campaigns, as well as our newly released email campaign trigger for bib status.

15. Results enhancements

Update 1: Results features for enhanced flexibility 

We started off the year with enhancements to our results platform. The updates in this release included the following:

  • Maximum length of virtual challenges extended to one year 
  • Ability to edit a challenge date after a result has been posted 
  • Fully customizable finisher certificates & ability to hide placing information until results are closed
  • Auto-calculated pace on results

Learn more about our results features for enhanced flexibility.

Update 2: Result updates to help you display valuable content and save more time

The updates in this release were added to help you accomplish the following:

  • Jumpstart finisher certificate customizations with our new starter template
  • Display more with additional merge tags
  • Save time by duplicating races
  • Drive friendly competition by adding ‘distance achieved’ merge tags

Learn more about result updates to help you display valuable content and save more time.

16. Photo gallery updates

The following features were introduced to help save you time, increase participant engagement, and enhance the viewing and searching experience for everyone:

  • Contributors listed for each photo, introducing the ability to host photo contests for your events!
  • Automatic photo rotation
  • Display photo gallery on your event details page
  • Ability to search photos by participant name

Learn more about our updates to photo galleries.

17.  Product dashboard redesign

We redesigned the products dashboard page to make creating and managing your products a quick and seamless experience.

Learn more about the redesigned products dashboard page.

18. Waiver signature updates

Update 1: Waiver signature collection from participants registered by someone else

We introduced the ability to allow those who did not register themselves to sign their waiver outside of registration.

Learn more about collecting signatures from participants registered by someone else.

Update 2: Waiver signature collection from any participant with an unsigned waiver

We also introduced the ability to collect waiver signatures from manually added participants, bulk uploaded participants, and existing participants!

Learn more about collecting signatures from any participant with an unsigned waiver.

19. Behind the scenes of product design and digital accessibility

1 – Product design

Our product team is dedicated to creating a platform that is usable, unified, and designed with your needs in mind, which is why Race Roster has a well thought-out design system.

Learn about the design system behind the Race Roster platform and what we’ve been doing to improve your experience as a user.

2 – Digital accessibility

Our team at Race Roster is committed to offering an accessible experience for all. Learn more about digital accessibility and what we’ve been doing at Race Roster.

20. Tips & Tricks

We put together a series of tips and tricks articles to spark ideas and help you get the most out of our tools. Here are our top 3 tips & tricks articles:

21. Fun facts & accomplishments

Plenty to celebrate

Named one of the Best Places to Work in 2021 By London Inc. Magazine Platform: 7000+ updates and releases and 17 language capabilities Custom Success: Support in 9 languages! English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and Telugu with a phone pickup rate of 99%. Celebrated our
9th birthday! From Rock the Road
to rocking ASICS. We grew to over
100+ employees with 64 in the last year!

What’s new at Race Roster?

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