July 22th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event Info
We can now auto-forward events if the year in the URL has changed. For example, if you update the event date from 2021 to 2022 your URL will change from to However, if you have already shared the 2021 URL it will redirect to the 2022 URL.

July 15th, 2021

Feature Releases

System Generated Emails > Referrals
Automated emails for each successful referral are now turned off for events that use the tracking-only option. 

Registration > Transfers
We now allow participants with multiple registrations to see what sub-event they are transferring out of.

Event Details > Promoter
The copy for instructions on how to promote an event has been updated to be more inclusive of referral options.

July 8th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Custom Domains
We now have the ability to create Custom Domains as well as Sub Domains for an event page.

July 1st, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Donation Report
You can now update the charity tax receipt request when editing the donation record.

System Generated Emails > Transfers
The Transfer email copy has been updated to include the name and the email of the participant and the recipient.

Event Organizer > Event Info
Curaçao is now available to select from the Country dropdown.

Event Organizer > Products
The feature to Only apply this product once on bundle registration is now toggled on by default when creating a new product.

June 24th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
We have changed the term “triggers” to “conditions” within the Triggers step.

Event Organizer > Onsite
We now have the ability to send the waiver to the participant via email from onsite check-in if the participant has not signed the waiver.

Event Organizer > Thank you settings
Toggling off “Display event dates in the confirmation email” now hides the date from Volunteer confirmation emails as well.

June 17th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Custom pages
An asterisk was added to Title as that field is mandatory to fill out.

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
We have added the trigger Self-signed participant waiver. This trigger will send to those who have signed or have not signed the waiver depending on the secondary condition.

Event Organizer > Products
Event organizers can now display products that are sold out in a disabled state during registration and in the store.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
Language for “Display sub-events on registration pages” and “Enable sub-event” needed to be updated to be more clear. We also changed the word “sub-events” to singular (sub-event).

Participant > Transfer
We have updated the language in transfer details for participants letting them know that the original transaction will act as a credit towards their new registration (if applicable).

June 10th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Details > Fundraising pages
Event Organizers can now edit team fundraising pages.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have removed the event date from the fundraising request email preview.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
The no visible sub-event alert that is displayed on the top of the Sub-events settings page has been updated. 

Registration > Personal information
If a runner enters an address that Google does not fully recognize, it will output an address that has no street or unit number. When that happens, we show the runner a warning.

Registration > USAT
Purchase or renew USAT membership in registration has been updated.

June 3rd, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
We have added the capability for a single campaign to have multiple trigger sets. This allows the Event Organizer to send the same campaign to two different sets of groups without having to duplicate the campaign itself.

Event Organizer > Pencil tool
We have added a disclaimer to let event organizers know that edits may take 5mins to update.

Event Organizer > Thank you page settings
You can now hide the event location from the Participant dashboard via the Display event location toggle.

Event Organizer > Transfers
The language on the Transfers settings page has been updated.

Participant > Dashboard
Self-signed waivers are removed from the Participant’s dashboard if the participant is inactive.

Participant > Dashboard
We have added a placeholder/null selection option to product options in the participant dashboard if no option has been selected.

Registration > Donate
The copy for where a donation is being attributed has been updated.

May 27th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
You now have the ability to send a campaign email to each unique email address once. Normally, deduping is done by sub-event, first and last name, and email, but in this case, it would just look at the participant’s email.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have updated the UI for organizations by sub-event.

May 20th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Pencil tool
You can now add custom copy for Gifts. This applies to the stand-alone gift purchase page, the gifts step in registration, and on checkout summary when applicable.

May 13th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event information
The U.S. Virgin Islands has been added as a country in the dropdown list.

Event Organizer > Payment information
You can now create PH (Philippines) payment profiles, which can accept PHP (Philippine peso).

System Generated Emails > Confirmation receipts
Access codes have been added as a line item in confirmation receipts.

System Generated Emails > Gifts
We have removed the word “Gift” from the gift code confirmation email.

May 6th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
When creating an email campaign, we will flag and validate if there any bad links within the campaign. A banner and icon will appear to signify if any links are invalid.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have added a clear all button when filtering/viewing fundraising organizations on the fundraiser list.

Event Organizer > Products
If you want to edit a product for it to be mandatory in registration, you can now edit this within the inventory & pricing section.

April 29th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Details > Fundraising Organization
We have updated the team language and website hyperlink copy.

Event Details > Participant List
We have changed the title of the forward-facing participant list from “List participants” to “Participant list”.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
In Fundraising page stylings, we have added help text under certain fields to let fundraising coordinators know what copy/sections they are editing. 

System Generated Emails > Receipts
The product quantity has been added to the receipt if multiple products are purchased.

April 22nd, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
“Country” is now a trigger Event Organizers can use for Email campaigns.

Event Organizer > Event info
When creating an event, you can now add any country that is part of the European Union (EU).

Event Organizer > Participant list
There are two new check box fields, “Participant waivers” and “Waivers signed on behalf of” that you can select when viewing your participant list.

Event Organizer > Staff access
Minor copy updates have been made to the Staff access overview page for clarity.

Participant > Dashboard
We have added our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the self-signing waiver page.

Registration > Personal information
You can now have customers only register if their address is based in a certain region (province/state).

Registration > Series
We have disabled the breadcrumb links on the checkout page.

April 15th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Series
We have added a banner on the event refund report page if a series registration has been refunded. This will also display this page in the series dashboard menu.

Event Organizer > Custom pages
Custom Pages and custom links are now in their own respective tabs in the custom pages and links overview page.

Event Organizer > Custom link
We have the ability to toggle off and on the custom calendar link that appears on the event details page.

Event Organizer > Resources
Event Organizer resources such as our knowledge base, blog, and support contact modal are now searchable on the Event Organizer dashboard menu.

Event Organizer > Additional charges
Line items have been renamed to Additional charges.

April 8th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Staff access
Our Staff access page has been cerberized. 

Event Details > Fundraising
We now display the parent participant from the bundled registration in the team members section when only one fundraising page is allowed in bundle settings.

April 1st, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Duplication
When duplicating an event you now have the ability to bring over your custom pages to your new event.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
We have made the UX friendlier within sub-events by creating labels to identify sub-events that are disabled, hidden in registration, and hidden in series. This update also includes the change from checkboxes to toggles.

March 30th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event Page Settings
You can now embed a map from

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The copy under “Allow requests for donation receipts” has been updated.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Fundraising restriction per sub-event now has to have at least one fundraising organization in order to save properly.

Event Organizer > Manage Events
We have removed the legacy manage events page.

Event Organizer > Participant List
The donation amount for a bundled registration based on bundle sub-event settings is now displayed correctly within the participant list.

Event Organizer > Refund Report
We have removed the $ symbol from the refund report export.

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
We have added two marketing opt-in templated questions. One is an updated version of our SMS opt-in question and the other is an email opt-in question.

March 18th, 2021

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Products
The products feature has been cerberized.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
In the metrics section, we have replaced clicks vs sends to be a ratio of clicks vs opens.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Copy for charity tax receipts has been updated to include a prefix max for receipt numbers.

System Generated Emails > Event Opening and Close Dates
The base template has been updated for event opening and closing emails.

System Generated Emails > Go-Live
The base template has been updated for go-live emails.

System Generated Emails > Gifts
The base template has been updated for gift purchase and recipient emails.

System Generated Emails > Payouts
The base template has been updated for payout notification emails.