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You may have heard that Race Roster has “solutions for every role” – but what exactly does that mean? At Race Roster, we consider the many different goals and objectives of each member of the event team. On top of that, we look closely at the needs of participants, volunteers, promoters, and any other user that interacts with Race Roster.

We created numerous dashboards to provide each role with the tools they need to meet their unique objectives. However, we understand that many of our users wear various hats. You are able to use Race Roster as any of the following roles:

New dropdown for changing your role on the fly

You asked, we answered. From the responses to our recent System Usability Survey, we determined a need to create a unified navigation experience across various Race Roster pages and simplify the experience of changing roles.

We recently introduced a new dropdown to make role switching accessible from any dashboard page, while clearly indicating which role you are currently using Race Roster as. You will now see a dropdown on the top left of your homepage and Race Roster dashboard, allowing you to quickly change your dashboard to any of the following options:

  • Home: Your personalized welcome page where you can see an overview of your events, recent & past registrations, Race Roster releases, and more.
  • Events: Enter the role of event organizer, where you can access a variety of tools to manage your event with ease
  • Timing tools: Manage results, timing crews, awards, and more
  • Clubs: Organize clubs & memberships
  • Volunteer: Keep track of your assigned volunteer schedule and stations
  • Participant: Reference important event information, view results, photos, medals, team information, fundraising progress, and other event-related details
  • Promote: Track your earnings and promote events!

Behind the scenes of this design

Behind every change made on the Race Roster platform, there is a team of product designers carefully considering the solution. The addition of the role switcher dropdown was no exception.

Our product design team provided insight into the following:

  • Replacing the Race Roster logo with the role switcher: Having the dropdown for switching roles in place of the logo provides us with prime real estate to give the user context of where they are. Given that users read top to bottom and left to right, it is likely that the context of the kingdom and the ability to switch with the dropdown will be in clear sight.
    • We don’t want to provide confusion with removing the logo either, so giving the user clear visibility to the full logo on the Welcome landing page helps to alleviate some of that concern. 
  • Added visual iconography: Icons help make it easier to visually identify each role in the dropdown list with confidence
  • The user profile dropdown: Found at the top right of the page, the user profile dropdown was previously the only place a role could be switched. It will retain its current structure for the time being, providing users with two places a role can be switched, and allowing them some time to get used to the new role switcher.

We have begun rolling out this new header design to different role dashboards. Keep an eye out for this new change!

What’s new at Race Roster?

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Race Roster

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