Social media icons

Make Announcements, Promote Race Partners, Get Feedback!

Day of Your Event

Designate a race day “socialmedia-ite” to post results, take & share photos, and send real-time reports to finish line announcer.

Within 1 week following your event

Congratulate Runners! Thanks Race Partners & Volunteers Share Results & Media Press Start your early bird special for next year!


  • Training Tips
  • Promote Race Sponsors & Charities
  • Share Sponsorship Package
  • Promote & Post Results from nearby races
  • Announce Reg. Price Increases

Pre-Race (3 Months out)

  • Plug Registration and possibly capacity (75% sold out)
  • FRESH OFF THE PRESS: share photos of Race T-shirt, Medal, Memorabilia
  • Promote Charity & Race Partners
  • Announce Promo Codes & Contests
  • Video Course Tour
  • Announce featured Expo Booths, Entertainment etc.

1 Week Out

  • #1 Goal is to Create Hype!
  • Share Exciting Press
  • Reminder about Race Weekend Price Increase
  • Plug all Race Partners
  • Announce Elite Starting List, Special Stories!
  • Road Closures

Golden Rules of Social Media

Brand Your Race, Share Valuable Info, Engage Regularly


Chantelle Wilder

Chantelle has worked with thousands of event organizers across North America with the goal of helping them create better participant experiences. Chantelle returned to Ontario in 2014 after spending 7 years in Hawaii and more recently 4 years in Silicon Valley. Chantelle believes that interdepartmental communication is key to the success of executing any project and the overall efficiency of a business. All her free time is spent playing pirates with her two little gentlemen. Arrr!