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As we are celebrating earth day today, we are reflecting on the impact our industry has on the environment. As event industry professionals, we have the power to make changes that could significantly help reduce waste and contribute to maintaining our natural environment.

Consider these statistics:


The amount of single-use plastic has tripled since the start of the pandemic. [1]

20 mil+

More than 20 million trees are cut down each year to produce single use paper cups. [2]


Approximately 91% of plastic is not recycled. [3] We can do better.

Single use cups, overflowing trash bins, heavy use of electricity – these are not uncommon for the endurance event space —  and the unfortunate reality is it’s heavily impacting the state of our environment. So how can we start taking steps towards a more sustainable approach? 

At Race Roster, we’ve been considering how we could work together to create more eco-friendly endurance events. We’ve put together a list of sustainable event ideas you could use for your next event.

1. Repurpose leftover items

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! After years of putting on events, so many of us have warehouses full of t-shirts, medals, and other leftover items that may now just be collecting dust!

  • Reuse metal medals – The metal from your medals could be reused for this year’s medals!
  • Donate items – Old t-shirts and other clothing items could be donated. Even leftover food could be donated after the event (for example, leftover bananas would work great!)
  • Put on a “leftovers” event – Host a new event to give out past event items…

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