Volunteer button and cursor

1. Collect Contact Information

Volunteers should make your life easier, not more difficult. With just one click you will be able to export your list of volunteers and the positions they requested. No more sorting through emails, or trying to read sloppy handwriting!

2. Give Your Volunteers a Say!

A happy volunteer is a helpful volunteer. Keep your volunteers coming back by giving them a say in what they’ll be helping with. The race director outlines the possible tasks (ie. water station, finish line, packet pickup) and volunteers can select their preference from a dropdown menu.

3. Collect T-shirt Sizes

Show your appreciation by collecting your volunteers’ t-shirt sizes during the registration process! No tiny tees for your heavy lifters, or nightgowns for your little helpers! This is a money saver too!

4. Know Who You’re Working With

The more information you have, the better you can position your volunteers to best support the event and ensure safety for everyone. You may wish to ask additional questions such as, “Will you have a car available on race morning?” or “Can you comfortably lift 30lb+?”. *While volunteers can choose their position, the race director always has the final say!

5. Your Volunteers Often Cycle into Participants!

Your volunteers are indeed part of your target market. Many runners on the start line began participating in your event as a volunteer! Having volunteers register online, ensures that you have their contact information and gives you the power to market your event to this helpful crew too!


Brandon Laan

Brandon is a dad, runner, race director and endurance industry specialist. He spends the majority of his time coaching the sales team at Race Roster while co-directing The Rock The Road 10K. He spent his undergraduate days at Western University before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He recently pushed his twin girls, Emma and Sydney to a 1:14 half marathon and is a former winner of The GoodLife Toronto Marathon and Silver Medalist at The Canadian Marathon Championships.