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Endurance events are the product of a variety of different people collaborating to bring a common vision to life. At Race Roster we have templated and customizable staff settings to provide unique access for each of your partners to collaborate on your events!

Today, we’re sharing a few tips on our staff member management tool to not only ensure that the right people have the right access to your events on Race Roster, but to also ensure that sensitive information is protected when needed.

Tip #1: Review staff settings when creating or duplicating an event

Creating or duplicating your event is the perfect time to review your staff settings. You’ll want to ensure:

 Staff considerations when duplicating or creating an event:

  1. Staff who have left your event have been removed from your event page(s), 
  2. Staff who have transitioned into a new role have adjusted settings to provide access to the needed information and data.  
  3. Any new staff have been added to Race Roster and have the correct access.

This helps our customer service team provide the most efficient and helpful answers by ensuring we provide or protect any sensitive data based on the access level of the person we’re speaking to!

Curious about how to add or remove staff from your event? Check out our knowledge base article!

Tip #2: Minimize your staff’s access to make system navigation easier

When it comes to giving staff access in Race Roster to your employees and partners, we’re big fans of the adage, “less is more”. By limiting access to only the features necessary, staff members feel less overwhelmed and more confident in navigating the system.

We have a variety of pre-templated access types for common functions and you can also create your own custom access by selecting individual features and settings.

Ready to update your staff’s access? See our knowledge base article to get editing.

Tip #3: Consider creating a general email and Race Roster staff account

Important information like payment profiles and email campaign senders are managed by a specific staff member profile within Race Roster. In times of staff turnover and transitions, a few things may need to be updated if the new staff member is assigned a new email address:

  1. The new staff member would need to create a new Race Roster profile.
  2. The new staff member would then need to be added as staff to the appropriate event page(s).
  3. The previous staff member should be removed from all event pages.
  4. Any payment profiles or email campaign sender profiles associated with the previous staff member would need to be re-created under the new staff member’s Race Roster account.

Questions or ready to get started? Reach out to our customer support team:

Make staff transitions easier!

In some cases, it may make sense for your organization to create a general email address for certain roles.

By creating a general email and Race Roster account, for example, “”, all data and necessary items like reports and payment profiles can be accessed, even during periods of staff transition.

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