How effective is your current digital marketing strategy? How much registration, donation, or store product value is generated from each campaign? After Facebook’s tracking updates, keeping tabs on these metrics has been a challenge for many event organizers. That’s where our new tracking links BETA feature comes in.

What is a tracking link?

With our NEW tracking links tool, you can generate unique Urchin Tracking Modules, commonly known as UTMs, to keep track of registration, fundraising, and event store value! You can view statistics on clicks, conversions, and the monetary value of each referral source. By using these stats to determine where to best focus your digital marketing efforts, you’ll be growing your event, increasing donations, and selling more products in no time.

How do tracking links work?

You can simply generate a unique link by filling out the required information:

  • Website URL –  The destination of your custom tracking link must be a Race Roster page or a custom domain hosted on Race Roster
  • Campaign name – Used to identify the overall campaign or promotion you are running.
  • Campaign source – Identifies the advertiser, site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your event, for example: Google, Facebook, a sponsor’s website, etc.
  • Campaign medium –  The advertising or marketing medium, for example: cost-per-click, banner, email, etc.
  • Campaign content – A label or phrase used to help differentiate similar content or links from the same source or medium.

Once the form is completed, you can copy and use the generated link to track referral sources from ads and other websites! To keep up with the progress of your campaigns, you can visit the campaign metrics page. For each campaign, you can see sessions, clicks, registrations, registration value, donations, donation value, store value & total revenue. You can also filter your results by campaign name, source, or date range. These filters are a great way to easily compare campaign progress and determine which source is generating the most value for your event!

How do I get the most out of tracking links?

There are several ways to use Race Roster tracking links to your advantage. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Email link tracking – Include your unique link in an email to track conversions or revenue generated by the send. For example, your email could contain a Call-to-Action of donating to a fundraising organization. You can use your tracking link to see how many people your email inspired to make a donation. You can also see exactly how much revenue was generated by your campaign.

  2. Third-party content – You may have placed your ad in a space where you know your target audience is showing up. This could be on a banner placed on a third-party website, a social media post sent by one of your partners or sponsors, a link placed in your fundraising partner’s email, etc. You’ll want to know exactly how much value you got out of this collaboration, especially if you are paying for the promotion! 

  3. Facebook ad conversions With the recent changes to Facebook’s tracking pixels, keeping tabs on registration/donation/event store revenue generated by Facebook ads may have become a challenge! Your unique link will solve this problem, allowing you to keep track of all your revenue and conversions generated by Facebook ads with ease once again.

  4. Determine where to focus your marketing efforts – You may be trying multiple methods of digital marketing. Maybe you are offering others incentive to share your event content, sending marketing emails, running social media and google ads, including QR codes on printed flyers, etc. With our tracking links tool, you can determine the value of each of your campaigns, allowing you to pinpoint what’s working, what’s not, and where you may want to focus your efforts going forward! 

What’s new at Race Roster?

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