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Email remains an important line of communication between event organizers and prospective participants. Whether you’re marketing or communicating critical event day details, you’ll find yourself asking… ‘How do I know my content is reaching participants?’

To better understand your participants’ degree of engagement with the content you provide, MailChimp reporting allows for insights otherwise not available with traditional email communication.

The following tools and functionality from MailChimp help to answer specific questions about your participants’ level of engagement:

1. Track delivery rate:

MailChimp monitors the percentage of recipients who open your emails. To provide context to these raw statistics, MailChimp also provides average percentages of industry norms to help frame your results within broader marketing and advertising efforts.

Delivery rates also help to quantify how many, if any, emails are bouncing back due to incorrect or out-dated email addresses as well. This helps ease concerns of whether your contact details need updating or not.

2. Monitor Clicks:

Moving beyond the binary distinctions of open and not opened, MailChimp functionality also allows you to delve deeper and better understand which portions of your content are most appealing to participants.

If calls to action at the bottom of your emails are being consistently overlooked, consider composing another email focused specifically on this content instead of letting it go unnoticed.

3. Monitor Links:

For instance, if multiple links are provided on your email, MailChimp segments and tracks the amount of clicks each link has received respectively. These statistics will illustrate what content is being overlooked and with this data, you and your committee can devise an alternative strategy for delivering this content beyond emails.

4. Where is your Following?

The heat map provided in MailChimp summaries provides an illustration of where the majority of your participants have opened and navigated through your links from. These maps work on both a national and international scope.

5. Segment your efforts

With the data you have gathered thus far, you can now hone in your emails to specific segments of your participants. For instance, you can target participants who ran in 2014, but did not return in 2015 with a “We miss you, come back!” email tailored to encouraging previous participants to return to the start line in 2016.

MailChimp serves to solidify your email campaigns at three basic levels: First, campaign summaries ensure your content is being delivered. Second, summaries serve to illustrate what content is captivating your audience and what content does not prove relevant. Finally, MailChimp allows you to segment and target specific portions of your participants to engage with these groups of people more directly than what would be possible with traditional, static, email correspondence.


Bob Pluss

As one of the founders of Race Roster, Bob cares deeply about the success of all clients, and ensuring that Race Roster runs smoothly day-in and day-out. With a strong technology background, Bob is always ready to help out clients in any way that he can. When not in the office, Bob can be found playing hockey or golf, shooting photos, and spending time with his family.