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New Release: Easy donation redirects

On Race Roster, a donor can make a donation in three different ways – as a general donation, as a pledge to an individual participant, or as a pledge to a team! If a donor accidentally donates in the way they did not intend to, we’ve introduced a simple solution. Read on to learn more…

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New release: Participants can create options for custom questions

As event organizers, sometimes we just don’t have all the answers — but in some cases, our registrants do! On Race Roster, you can allow participants to create their own custom option as an answer to a multiple choice question asked during registration. Read on to learn more…

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Digital Engagement Kits: Now in open beta!

Ready to start using Digital Engagement Kits? Follow these steps to activate this feature for your event! Learn more about Digital Engagement Kits:

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New Digital Engagement Kit Enhancements

Have you built a DEK of cards yet? Since the initial release of Digital Engagement Kits, we are seeing that they are making a positive impact on the endurance event space. By bringing goodie bag items and event resources to a digital format, organizers are saving time, money, AND trees with this tool. Find out…

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